Difference Between Payday and Personal Loans in the UK



Many people believe that personal loans are the same, however, it’s not accurate. They might appear to be identical, but they do have several major differences that put both options on opposite extremes. It is important to take into consideration the credit amount and the amount needed to borrow before determining what is available before applying to it.

Payday and personal loans are both beneficial for those who require an additional financial boost, but that’s the only thing in common between the two. The variables that differ include the duration, the price and the amount, which is amidst other financial institutions.


The amount for loans is also different in a analysis of the two. The majority of institutions in the UK will not loan less than 1,000 pounds over an entire 12 months in instances the case of loans to individuals.

In terms of costs, personal loans are much less expensive, with an APR as high as 29.9 However, one has to have excellent and great credit. Payday loans are generally higher priced, however, they do not have to meet any specific credit requirements.

If it is about the term of the loan personal loans are available for up to 5 years as the duration of loan. Payday loans are a bit shorter of two to four weeks. It can run all the way to 12 months.

If it’s about the eligibility of personal loans, those that are provided by banks and credit unions have strict requirements to be eligible. They generally require that applicants have good credit ratings and a solid financial history. Payday loans appear to be more flexible than other loans as lenders require only that applicants have a valid and regularly earned source of income to be the loan to be approved.

Personal loan lenders include banks, online lenders and peer-to-peer lenders as well as credit unions. payday loans are provided by lenders who specialize in cashing checks and short-term loans.


Payday loans as well as auto title loans and instalment loans are expensive and rates that could put the borrower in a cycle of debt. A person may be forced to take out a second or even a third loan simply because they were unable to pay for the first loan within the specified timeframe. Alternatives to short-term loans like local governments, charities, and non-profit organizations provide relatively low cost assistance for financial issues and can also assist with food, rent, and utility bills for those who are in desperate in need.

It is also possible to get extensions on payments by speaking with the relevant bill companies about the possibility of an extension or a longer duration or payment plan in case one is in arrears with his or her payment. It is also possible to take on part-time jobs to make up the payments.


The price of the loan differs for personal loans and payday loans. The rate of interest you pay along with the terms will be dependent on your credit score, and whether or not there is collateral available or not, as well as the amount of money you’re borrowing and the loan’s terms.

The APR for payday loans is that range from three to four numbers (100%-1000 percent). The total amount of money you pay for depends on the living situation of the person who is borrowing. APR represents the cost per year that is essential to know.


Choosing whether to take either a payday loan or personal loan will depend on the amount the borrower plans to take out and it also depends on the applicant’s credit. If someone is looking to borrow between 50 and to 1,000 pounds, they could opt for an instant loan, since personal loans require one to take out a loan of 1000 pounds and up to 2000 pounds.

Also, one must take into consideration the time aspect. Short term loans provide quicker turnaround times as compared to personal loans because they require less approval. In the present, more and better personal loan providers are moving online , and hence offer the same processing speed similar to short-term loans such as payday loans.

Credit history is another important element. If the person who is borrowing has good credit scores then they will be more likely to get an individual loan with less interest than payday loans, which can be more expensive.

The amount of the loan is contingent on the borrower’s monthly installments and is also dependent on the amount that needs to be paid back, which is based heavily on the interest rate. You should always look at and compare different options , and also check out the online calculators made available by the lender in order to find the type of loan that best suits your requirements and the amount one must pay back.


There are a variety of alternatives that are available for personal loans and payday loans that are advantageous to the person who is borrowing. You can take out a smaller amount or sum of money without the the borrower to take out payday loans.

Another type of short-term loan could be an installment loans, in which the borrower is required to repay the loan in one lump amount. Therefore, personal loans and payday loans for people with bad credit may be advantageous only after a careful analysis of which type of loan is suitable for their requirements.

You can choose carefully between personal loans for those with bad credit or cash advances for people with bad credit in accordance with one’s financial situation and the amount of credit rating one has. The person who is borrowing must thoroughly consider the options available to him and decide on which kind of loan is most suitable for their needs. A word of caution: late payments can result in serious financial problems.